8 Foolproof Strategies for Building a Service Business Website that does not suck

Want to put your service business in the best light? Here is a comprehensive guide on 8 foolproof strategies for building a service business website that doesn’t suck.

If you are owning a business, whether it is a product-based business or a service-based business, it is very essential to make a web presence of a business. Having a clean and simple website may also benefit you to get more customers to your business and to get an advantage over your competitors. 

Always keep in mind that a business website can not only open up new markets but can also attract a large customer base to do business with you (to take services from you). To create new customers and retain existing customers, it becomes necessary for small businesses to maintain a website as it can act as an extension to a business. It gives information about your business and the services that you are offering. Want to give confidence to your potential customers to take your services? Below are some simple strategies that you can apply for building a service business website that does not suck.

Determine the exact purpose of a website

The first and foremost technique for building a successful service business website is to determine the exact purpose of building a website. You need to decide whether your website will be static or dynamic. It means whether you will build a website just to depict information about you and your services or you will take orders and payment online. You may also start a blog as a part of your business strategy not only to reach customers but to generate interest in your website visitors to request an appointment with you!

In addition, make your home page simple and minimalistic to convey essential information that you offer. If you want your clients to pay online through your website, you need to use an external service for this purpose. In short, determine the goal that you may want from your customers to achieve and work towards that goal. 

Choose a strong domain name and a powerful web host

The selection of domain names is a crucial step in building a service business website. A domain name is, in fact, a URL that people search on Goggle to find your website. Choose a strong and descriptive domain name that is also easy to remember. 

In addition, you need to select a powerful web host where you can store the data for the public to access it at any time. There are various hosting plans that web hosts provide. Choose one for your website according to your budget and website needs. 

Give a clear description of your business

As you are going to set up your business website, giving a clear description of your business should be an important part of the decision-making process!

It means the website you are going to build up says it all about your business. The home page of a website is the most important page as it can capture the audience’s attention. Make sure that you have used attractive banners on the home page that clearly depicts the services that you provide. Moreover, include the link of the “About Us” page in the main navigation bar along with the footer so people can click it and read more about your business. 

Put some great content

Your prospective and existing customers visit your site to see what services you are providing and if there is not much content that can deliver useful information about your services, your website visitors will bounce away without requesting an appointment. But it does not mean that you should include a lot of information that users may feel difficult to read. It is better to include blogs that include how-to sections. But make sure that each page or a blog post has a clear purpose and a call-to-action button.

Opt for the best content management system

Nowadays, the content management system or CMS has become a necessity for small businesses to redefine their brand. If you want to build a service business website, you need to use a good content management system by which you can make the overall workflow of your online business smooth. It can not only help you maintain your website and manage the digital content but offers easy navigation and user-friendliness as well. There are various CMS platforms in the market, for example, WordPress, Joomla, Square Space, Wix, Drupal, etc. You can choose any CMS platform for your website according to your budget and your business needs. 

Let visitors contact you easily

Another technique that may help you to forecast your sales and increase revenue is to let visitors contact you easily. A lot of people only visit a website but do not buy a product or a service. To convince such people, along with other factors, you need to include several options by which such visitors can contact you if they want service. You may include your phone number or an email address. Moreover, an online form may also be useful if they want to take a service from you without picking up the phone!

Build an engaging user-interface

To maximize the cash flow of your service business, it is very important to focus on building an engaging user-interface of a website. You can do it by using a design that relates to your business. Use fonts that are easy to read. If you are using call-to-action (CTA) buttons on your website, make them look appealing by using descriptive yet brief content on it. If there are multiple CTAs on your website (CTA on every web page), you need to maintain consistency throughout the website. Plus, try to create major pages, like Home page, About Us page, Services page and Contact Us page. You may also create Privacy Policy or Terms of use or other pages that you feel relevant to your service business. 

Focus on SEO and Social Media 

The last yet important strategy that can not only help build your site but ensure business growth, in the long run, is to focus on SEO and social media. SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a set of practices that may assist your business to show up high on search engine result pages. It can help to rank your website in search engines. For this, you need to define the title, Meta tags, and Meta description. Moreover, promoting your site on social media channels is an effective way to get traffic and increase the reach of the audience. You can place social media links on various parts of your website.


For building a service business website that does not suck, first you need to identify the purpose of your website. After choosing a web host and a domain name, it is the time to insert content relevant to your business. You can include some basic pages in your website along with the blog posts if you feel they can be relevant to the services that you offer. In the end, maintenance of a website, whether it is a product-based site or a service-based site, is a vital step. Now, the best thing is there are a various website development and design tools that you may use to build a business website of your choice. There is no need to learn programming tactics as these tools may allow you to develop a website with drag-and-drop options. All the strategies mentioned-above may aid you to build a fully-functional as well as a responsive business website.


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