9 Crazy Ways to Use Community Associations to Market your Service Business and Reach New Clients

In the case of product-based businesses, the marketing approach is entirely different. They’re marketing campaigns revolves around the product, telling its features and how it solves a problem. But service businesses require is a much different marketing strategy.

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Keeping in view the challenges that service businesses may face related to the marketing budget, staff size, etc., we have summed up some techniques by which you can easily promote your service business. Today, we will help you with your online marketing strategy. This post tends to highlight 10 crazy and valuable ways to use community associations to market your brand, reach new clients as well as encourage membership.

1. Use your CMS to build a website portal to reach community members

A website always plays an indispensable role in the success of a business, whether it is a small-scale business or a large-scale business. If you want to market your service business, you just need to maintain a web presence and it can only be possible by building a website. Depict the necessary details of your business including vision, mission and core values. Include catchy and attractive call-to-action buttons on your site your website visitors may click them and schedule an appointment for the desired service from you. 

To create a website that is visually appealing, it is better to use a power CMS (Content Management System). It may allow you to build a website very easily using a suitable template that matches your business. Most CMS simply provide options to create a website but there are some advanced CMS as well that support the representation of key terms that visitors search on the search engines and reach your website. Make your website responsive and easy-to-use for the users so they can have a good experience of using your website and come back again to take the services. 

2. Provide necessary tools to your brand enthusiasts – and neighbors

Another way to use community associations for reaching new online clients is to provide necessary tools to brand enthusiasts. Remember, your brand enthusiasts may assist your service business in several ways by creating your website blogs and other promoting material that may convey your voice to the online groups. Yes! It is completely right! If you provide the necessary tools and platforms such as API or RSS feeds to your brand enthusiasts, they will become creators and will work for you in the best possible way to promote you. 

3. Spread the word using Social Media

To survive in the market, it is very essential nowadays to spread the word using social media posts. With the help of social media, you can not only create value but develop a sense of togetherness. There are several social media channels that you can use for your service business not only to communicate your brand’s message but to share the worthy news and events of other associations as well. In this way, you can communicate your message to potential clients and can build a strong relationship with other associations as well. This step may help a lot in building a community!

4. Use brief but explanatory newsletter sign-up

Another important tactic that may help you to target new clients and keep the existing ones is to use brief but explanatory newsletter sign-up. This step is very important and must be a part of your small business marketing plan. 

With the help of the newsletter, you can convey the message of your business and offerings to your stakeholders. Therefore, it is essential to use brief but explanatory signup of newsletters. As the website visitors subscribed to your newsletter, encourage them to do business with you by saying thanks.

5. Make it easy to register for membership

Making it easy for your clients to register for membership is another step that must be carried to ensure the growth of your service business. You can use online forms in this regard and collect the necessary information from the prospects. Along with improving the membership form and registration process, evaluate the payment process also so your clients can enjoy a secure payment method. 

6. Provide discount services where applicable and update website content

A good product or a service always contributes to the word-of-mouth following. As a service business owner, if you want to tap into the competitive market, you must provide great service to your clients. In addition, to get new clients and convert them into long-term clients, it is mandatory to provide updated website content. The reason is most people do not like to read the news that is more than two weeks old!

7. Make a mobile version of the website

So now you have made your service business with a goal to market your business to potential clients. The next step is to make a mobile version of the website as today more and more people prefer to use mobiles rather than desktops or laptops. 

According to the research studies, the concept of newsletters is changing with the text messaging campaigns for promotions or providing any important update. These text messaging boards have become the future now.

8. Emphasize your unique value proposition

In the case of product-based businesses, to promote a specific product or to drive more sales, the common strategy is to reduce the price. But in the case of service business, it is always better to offer the best value whatever the price is. It not only satisfies the clients in your community but makes them loyal too.

9. Monitor your business

To keep a close view of how your business is performing in the market, it is essential to monitor your business. Various monitoring tools may help you in this regard.

Bonus: Track your progress

The last strategy that may benefit you a lot in the marketing of your service business is to track the overall progress of your business. Analyze the traffic and the return on investment (ROI). In this way, you will get a clear direction for how your marketing strategies are taking place.

Final and Last Thoughts:

So, these are the 10 incredible methods by which you can do marketing of your service business. But in the end, it all depends on the quality of your service and how you communicate your service to the community. It might be possible that one of the strategies may not work for your business as every business has a different target market. So, implement the one that best suits with your service business goals and stick to it!

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