9 Reasons Your Lead Generation Tactics are Not Working and How to Fix Them

Want to know why your lead generation tactics are not working? Here are the top reasons why you have trouble generating leads to fill your sales funnel.

We often hear a common question by businesses that how to get more leads. In my point of view, instead of generating more leads, businesses should put efforts to generate more high-quality leads. That is more important. Now, there are various methods and techniques that you, as a business owner, can apply to get clients. First of all, businesses should target the right people and deliver the right information to them at the right time. After that, provide original and engaging content, build good landing pages, and have a strong subscriber base.

Leads are important for small and large-scale businesses. They are the people who give their information and engage with the business either by filling out a form or completing a survey.

More than 75 percent of leads never convert into sales.

Unfortunately this is true. At times, businesses fail to generate leads. Most marketers get leads but not good leads. Remember, in businesses, there is always an option of failure and risk. Therefore, you should monitor the overall process and try to spot the mistakes that must be avoided in the future. Today, we will throw light on 9 reasons your lead generation strategy is not working and how to fix them. So, stay with us and keep reading till the end.

1. Targeting the wrong people

Targeting the wrong people is one of the top reasons why your lead generation campaign is failing. Are you targeting the right people? Have you understood who the best fit for your service is? If you are promoting your services to people who are not considered the best fit for your business, you are going on the wrong path.

For example, if you are running a home cleaning business, you will target people who need residential cleaning services. You will not provide services to offices as it is the responsibility of commercial cleaning companies.

Decide your target audience, choose a territory, and target the right people. Make buyer personas and update them because if you do not update them on time, you will not be able to offer a comprehensive customer experience as buyer personas can change.

Understand what your clients want to read. Never ignore the changing behavior of your customers.

2. Not creating engaging content

If you are not creating content that can engage every type of user who visits your website, it means you are failing to get enough leads. Remember, not all website visitors are in the same stage of buying journey. Most people visit your site for the first time while others visit your site daily and have come to your site again to watch a demo or a video tutorial. If you create the same level of content for all types of users, you will fail to generate enough return on investment (ROI).

To fix this problem, you need to use an engaging call-to-action button on your site or blog that can increase the click-through rate. A separate CTA should be there for people who are not yet ready to book an appointment and are eager to know more about your business.

People who have taken your services several times might be interested in watching a video tutorial, a demo, an eBook, or a whitepaper. For them, there should be separate CTA. At this step, it is better to use smart CTAs so you can deliver the right message to the right people (according to the set criteria).

3. Implementing multiple strategies at the same time

Implementing multiple lead generation strategies at the same time might not work. If you implement one strategy at a time and check which strategy is giving good results and which is not, you will reach your goals faster.

By doing so, there will no wastage of time and effort on the tactics that won’t work.

4. Providing only online communication channels

If you are providing only online communication channels to your clients, it means your methods of lead generation are turning to the dark side. True that. As you are a service business owner, you must take into account how your customers want to connect with you. In the case of product-based business, people usually prefer online shopping. But in service-based business, people prefer to talk to a representative first before booking an appointment. So, if you offer only online communication channels, you will fail to get enough leads.

Put a phone number at the top of your website, blog, lead forms, or landing pages so if a client is not comfortable in booking a service online, he may call you easily.

5. Unclear information and communication

Does your website information clearly depict your business and the services that you provide? Are the call-to-action buttons placed in the right position on the landing pages? Is the style of information throughout the website is consistent? If no, you are on the wrong path of generating leads.

To fix this issue, focus on the clarity in content of your website and take a look at how your business is presenting itself.

6. Not blogging consistently

It is an important reason why your lead generation strategy is not generating the results that you hoped for. If you do not write blogs consistently or there is no new blog post, no person will be willing to read the old posts repeatedly, resulting in less traffic and sales ultimately.

Keep in mind that every blog post is a new opportunity to get more leads. You should take full advantage of blogging as it is a great way to convert prospects into long-term clients. Let’s say if the conversion rate that each blog post generates is 3 percent, it means you will get three leads from each post per month. And if you post for 30 times in a month, you can get a total of 90 leads in just a month.

7. No strong promotional platforms

If you are having a powerful website, engaging content, and consistent blog posts, you will fail to get leads if you are not using strong promotional platforms. It is right. There is no use of websites, blogs, and appealing CTAs if you do not work smarter.

To overcome this mistake, first, you need to know which platforms your target audience uses most often. Make a list of them and develop a marketing strategy according to each platform.

8. Not using the right lead generation tools

Are you having a hard time connecting with your website visitors? It means you are not using the right lead generation tools. Without the lead generation tools, you cannot get an understanding of what your client feels before and after taking an action.

Try to use the best lead generation forms, CTAs, and templates.

9. No personalized communication

So you are sending the same email messages to all your clients and wondering why your business cannot get enough leads as compared to competitors. Remember, now customers prefer personalization whether they are going to buy a product or taking a service.

As you have used smart CTAs and engaging content for every type of user, similarly, you must personalize the communication according to the client. But first, consider which client prefers which communication method. I know that it will take much time and effort but believe me, it will benefit your service business in the long run.


So, these are the common lead generation mistakes that businesses do. Although there are more mistakes as well, these are the most important ones that businesses mostly make. We hope that now you have a better understanding of why your lead generating tactics are not working and how you can fix them to get more and good-quality leads.

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