How to Get More 5-Star Reviews with Technology, Customer Service and Superior Speed

Want more people to say good things about your business? Getting people to speak well of your business is crucial for business growth.

Now, technology has penetrated so much in our business culture that it has become a challenge for small businesses to keep up. The market trends and customer needs are constantly changing so to keep up with these trends, it is important to take a business to a completely new level. And one factor that can help you to grow your business and increase your customer base is to get more 5-star reviews.  As this is an age of technology so people research a product online and do most of their talking online. That is why 5-star online reviews have become a vital element in gaining business success.

Do you know more than 65 percent of people prefer social networking sites to study online reviews?

Now it is clear that online reviews do matter a lot in the overall growth and success of a business. They have a huge impact on a business whether it is small or large-scale. The reason is every person do not want to have a bad experience when it comes to buying a product or taking a service. That is why they prefer online reviews about the offerings of a business so that they can decide whether they should consider a certain product and service or not. In this guide, we are going to uncover some smart ways by which you can diversify and grow your home service business. To stay ahead of the curve, it is important to incorporate technology in your business along with quality customer service and business speed. So, let’s get started!

Use a Review Management Software

To gain the trust of your customers and to generate positive reviews, you can use field service review management software. The reason is it is very important to ask for a review from your customer once you have provided the service. According to research, businesses that ask customers for reviews enjoy high ratings than those businesses who do not ask for reviews!

You can ask them through phone, email or by giving a review link to them. But using a review management software can assist your service business to manage your reviews. You just need to provide your customer list and then wait for more 5-star reviews. Plus, if you have not received a new review for months, the review management software may streamline the whole process and gather the reviews.

Get more reviews with #SmallThanks

By using #SmallThanks, you can attract more customers to your business and get more reviews with five-star ratings. It allows you to convert your reviews as well as business information into posters, stickers, social media posts and much more. It helps in the promotion of your business as you request your clients to find you on Google and share their reviews on the website. These few small thanks have a big role in attracting your potential customers to do business with you.

Creating a responsive website

Creating a responsive website can also help in getting 5-star reviews. So, develop a site that is not only easy to find but easy to navigate as well. Make sure that your web pages are easily displayed and convey important information. Providing a live chat feature on your website may help your home service business to provide top-notch service and get reviews. In addition, designing a landing page may also encourage your customers to be vocal about their experience.

Use a Google Review Badge on your website

After your employee ends up with the service provided to a client, it is important to give a business card to a customer for the purpose of getting a review. But if you do not have a business card, do not worry. You can use a Google review badge on your website. Do not explain to your clients where they need to find your review link on Google. By placing it on your website, it will be easier for your customers to give more reviews on your service, resulting in high 5-star ratings.

Using an invoice software

Online invoicing software can assist you a lot in getting more 5-star reviews! Here is how! When you use an invoice-creating tool, it will allow you to create a professional invoice and reduce the cost of collecting payment from customers, making the whole tracking process easier. In addition, it will make the payment terms clear to your customers not only to avoid any dispute but to build the confidence of clients. They can get to know when to pay and what to pay. In this way, they can understand the overall payment process and will consider your business professional and will give your services more reviews.

Provide something GREAT to your customers

Customer service and experience is said to be the next competitive factor that can decide the winning and losing of businesses!

The chances of getting more 5-star reviews usually increase when the businesses communicate with their customers personally and maintain relationships with them. If you want more online reviews about your offering, you need to provide something GOOD to your customers. And if you want to get more 5-star reviews, it is mandatory to give them something GREAT. In whatever service you are dealing with, you need to provide top-quality services on time. Moreover, providing friendly service is another way to get more reviews. 

Build better relationships with customers

It is true that if you offer 5-star customer service, you will get more 5-star reviews from your clients in return. To maintain better relationships with customers and to ensure superior business quality, it is crucial to give importance to each person who gives a review of your service. Moreover, you can give a discount or any other special offer to a top reviewer. This effort will not only make your customers happy and satisfied but will make them more loyal to your business. 

Teach your employees to make the right call

In field service businesses, mistakes can occur by the field team. If you feel that your customer is not satisfied or happy with the required service, you must empower your employees to make the right call. You can do this by offering the next service to that customer free of cost or with some special offer. Moreover, by making the right call, your employees can make the customer happy by offering a customer with a certain percentage of discount. Be available to your customers whether they are making a review about the service through phone calls or email or they are writing a review online.

In short, creating “WOW” moments with your customers with better customer service and business quality and speed can surely get you more 5-star reviews! 


According to the research study, reviews play a vital role in the ability of a business to get new customers. If you are running a home service business, it is important to pay attention to customer service as it is everything when it comes to positive or negative customer reviews. Moreover, technology plays a crucial role in getting more 5-star ratings. You must have a know-how of a review management software, Google review badge, Small Thanks as well as websites and landing pages to fill up your review board with five stars. Want to get more 5-star reviews for your home service business? Incorporate technology in your business, provide better customer service and superior business quality.

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