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Job Management




Routing & Mapping
Availability of maps on smartphones or on pre-installed geo tracking devices provides technicians with route direction towards their job location along with en route traffic details, alternate routes, and more.
This feature enables you to receive job requests from your customers, assign request orders to your staff and field agents, prioritize and schedule daily activities, and manage every aspect of your field service business to provide better customer service.
Job Notes & Attachments
Project notes can be used by business managers to leave service related comments for the field agents or to highlight any special request or feedback made by the customer about the service.
Time & Expense Tracking
Capability to track both time and expenses incurred by the field staff while completing the assigned service request and use that information during final billing.
Job Forms & Reports
Set of tools for tracking and assigning jobs, managing every aspect related to job handling and gain insights from pre-built reporting documents.

Client Management




Client Manager CRM
CRM solution to seamlessly transfer customer details and service history to improve customer engagements and provide better service quality. 
Client Portal
Client portal, also known as self-service portal, is a dedicated portal for customers to perform basic administrative activities such as making service requests, tracking job progress, making payments, giving feedback, import/export documents, communicating with service agents and more. 
Online Booking
Multiple devices allow customers to schedule jobs on the spot via the WorkCEO App or on the desktop through the Client Portal.
Auto Client Notification
Allows users to automatically send notifications and alerts to both office staffs and field agents about job updates via email, SMS or push notifications
Two-way Text Messaging
The feature allows field service providers to make both inbound and outbound communications to customers, the dispatch administrator and even communicate with other mobile employees
Auto Client Notifications
Leverage customer contact information for job reminders and notifications. Also refers to maintaining contact between back offices and mobile employees in the field.

Estimates & Invoices




Quoting & Estimates
Enables service managers to receive and analyze customer requirements and quote a suitable service cost to them based on the estimated time and resource consumption.
Online Payments
The feature allows your field agents to generate and send invoice just after completing the job and accepting payments from the customer through various non-cash payment modes such as bank cards, ACH and eChecks. 
Automatic Payments
Manages customer balances and send invoices for payments. Also enables mobile payments, allowing customers to make payments instantly after the service request is complete.
Automated Invoicing
This feature deals with managing the financial part of your service, such as billing customers, accepting payments, generating invoices, and sharing service receipts with customers. 
Estimates Convert to Jobs
Create and send estimates in seconds with pre-populated product and service line items. Convert estimates to jobs with one click
This feature allows your field agents to get bills, invoices and other documents digitally signed by the customer. 

Team Management




Mobile App
This feature offers mobile employees the capability to access all or limited set of functions on their mobile device, using the dedicated mobile apps or through the native mobile browsers
Employee Management
Assists in monitoring and tracking technicians’ activities, assigning daily requests, updating them with service requests, tracking their location, and communicating with them in real-time. 
Advanced Reporting
Allows users to create custom reports related to service times, contacts, revenue, customer history, and a lot more. These reports can be used to generate business insights and make informed business decisions.
Employee Custom Portal
Tracks and monitors the progress of Employee details, minor HR functionality and jobs from scheduling to assignment to beginning and throughout the work to completion and payment. 
Full WorkCEO Software Feature List

▸ Scheduling

▸ Live Map GPS

▸ Estimates

▸ Team Management

▸ Reports

▸ Mobile App

▸ Job Management

▸ Invoicing

▸ Client Manager

▸ Online Payments

▸ Dispatch

▸ Lead Generation

▸ Mobile App

▸ Client Portal

▸ Time Tracking

▸ Task Automation

▸ Expense Tracking

▸ Metrics Dashboard

▸ Jobs Notes & Attachments

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