If you want to enter the world of blogging and want to grow your plumbing business blog, you have arrived at the right post. Blogging is an amazing way to convey the voice of your business to the customers. If you want to run a successful blog for your plumbing business, at first, you need to make your goals clear. 


Stay focused at every step of blogging and determine at the very start of blogging what kind of content you will post, when the content will be updated and what kind of visuals or other information will be included in your blog posts. Plus, you need to determine what the new trends are in the plumbing industry and what kind of ideas you will share with the homeowners relating to fixing the plumbing issues.

Want to stay profitable in your plumbing business? Along with attracting new customers, keep the ones who are already doing business with you. And this can be possible if you put the effort into writing effective blog posts for your clients. Although other factors also play a huge role in determining the success of a business, blogging has now become a common method to make an online presence of a business, generating new leads ultimately.


Make your website easy to understand and use

The first and foremost step to grow your plumbing business blog is to make your website easy to understand and use. The design and layout should be such that a visitor clearly understands what you offer. Ask yourself that whether the visitor of your site will love the website or not. If the answer is no, you must reconsider your site. Plus, the blog that you share on your plumbing business website must be mobile-friendly. The reason is now more than half of the internet searches are made through handheld devices. In addition, include a clear search box on every page of your site so a visitor can easily search the topic whatever they want to.

Write How-to Posts

To keep your customers engaged with your business, one of the best blogging ways is to write how-to posts. How-to blog posts not only keep the customers interested in the blog but can build the credibility of the plumbing business. Search for the interesting topics that you can cover for how-to blogs. For example, you may write how to fix a leaking pipe or how you can lower your water bill by some simple steps. In short, it is an effective blogging idea for plumbers if they want to grow their blog.

Promote sharing on social media

If you are not sharing your blog posts on social media, you are simply lacking behind your competitors. As a result, your plumbing business blog will not produce the results that you want! Therefore, if you want to get a large customer base through your blog, it is necessary to promote its sharing on social media. There are various social sharing plugins that you may use on your blog. But first, you need to determine on what social platforms, your clients are spending more time. Do not promote your blog only on Facebook. Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are also very common these days.

Write blogs consistently

Another effective tactic that may help you increase the traffic of your blog is to write blog posts consistently. It is a crucial step if you want your plumbing business to stand out in the highly-competitive market. According to the research studies, the perfect strategy for blogs is to write and publish at least four blogs per week and 16 blogs in a month! True that! Because it has been proved that the businesses who write blogs consistently receive more blog traffic that those who just post four or five per month. I know it will be a little bit difficult for you to post consistently as you have other responsibilities in terms of running your plumbing business. But do keep in mind that blogging is also very crucial for the success of a small business. You can hire a content writer if you think you cannot handle all these blogging tasks.

Write about topics within your field of expertise and specialization

One of the great blogging tips for plumbers is to write on a niche that you specialize in. For example, if you specialize in installing the plumbing fixtures, write about it. If you are an expert in re-piping or remodeling, it is better to write blogs related to them. In this way, you will have a better chance to get more accurate traffic.

Include visual layouts

We usually see that people are more inclined towards the content that has images or videos. It is quite true. If you want your blogs to stand out from those of competitors, you must include visual layouts in your blog. Try to include images, videos, quotes, or info graphics in your blog along with the content. But make sure that your images or videos are SEO optimized so your blogs can get better ranking on search engines.

Write quality content

Want to build your brand perception through your blog? Want the readers of your blog to come again to your site? You must write with quality content. Content has a major role in making your target audience grow. If you write quality content that can also engage the audience with your plumbing business, it means you have made your step in the journey of success. For writing blogs, you can write a story as people love to read stories. Plus, you can write tutorials. But try to use a conversational tone as it has more chance to engage readers!

Research the keywords

The next most important and interesting way to grow your plumbing business blog is to research the keywords. Keywords are the phrases that people search on Google and other search engines. If you do proper keyword research and then write the articles, you can not only get high search engine rankings but can also target more visitors. Plus, use keywords in the title and the overall content. Not only the keywords play a vital role in rankings, but the length of the blog post also matters a lot. It is always better to write more than 2000 words but never compromise over the quality of the content.

Build a subscriber list

If you are serious about growing your plumbing business blog, you must build a subscriber list. You must build a powerful connection with your website visitors. For this, it is better to use an email marketing tool. Try to place a signup form on various areas of your blog. Plus, you can offer discounts, coupons, etc. to people when they subscribe to a newsletter.

Write the blog addressing customer questions

One of the best methods that can not only engage your users but can also assist you in making your plumbing business blog grow is to write the blog that addresses customer questions. Note down the question that your client asks from you relating to installing, maintaining, or repairing the plumbing fixtures and write informative articles that can answer such questions.

Final and Last Thoughts:

To create a successful plumbing blog, you must write engaging and quality content that also contains visual elements. Make your website easy to use by your clients and promote the sharing of your blog posts on social media. If you want to make your plumbing business blog grow, you must follow these incredible ways. But before implementing them, you need to make your goals clear. You need to decide what type of topics you will cover, who the target audience of your blog will be, and what strategies will be adopted to promote the blog. In addition, you should avoid doing self-promotion of your business. It means that the blog should be about a specific topic rather than promoting your new offer.


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