5 Simple Tricks to Increase Bookings on your Service Business Website for 2020

Daily people visit your service business website, search for details of the services you provide, read expert tips and often leave your website without requesting more info, booking an appointment or scheduling a service project. No conversions. Believe me, you are not alone facing this issue.

Making a website and letting customers book the services online is an increasing trend these days. It not only converts the visitors of your website to your customers but also increases customer lifetime value. If we talk about small businesses, it is a little bit difficult for them to market their business effectively as they are short of time and money. To gain a competitive edge in the market, they need to incorporate some latest trends by which they can get a large customer base. If you are one of those who do want to increase the customer base of service business, then don’t despair as there are is an easy solution by which you can implement some tips to increase bookings on your website.

Do you know more than 75 percent of people prefer to request an appointment for a service online? It is true! In this time, standing out among competitors has become a great challenge. To overcome this, you need to go some extra mile. Below are some easy and simple tricks which will help you a lot in getting more bookings for your service business website this year.

1. Use powerful and attractive call-to-actions

Do you want the visitors to your website to take services or book an appointment with you before leaving the website? If so, then you need to use some powerful and attractive call-to-action (CTA)!

It is a CTA that convince the visitors to take action. There are various factors that play a vital role in increasing bookings on your website. These may include the content of your website, color scheme, easy navigation, and site responsiveness. But among all these factors, CTA has a big role that may help your website visitor to schedule an appointment or just pass away from a website without taking any service. 

Using powerful and attractive call-to-action means you need to understand which parts of CTA are most important and which are not. If you have CTAs in all your web pages, try to make them stay the same. In this way, your site visitors will get to know that these buttons are used for similar action in each page. Keep your CTAs simple and unique. Plus, research your competitors and get to know what type of CTAs they are using on their website. It may aid you a lot in driving reservations from your website.

2. Develop a reward system for those who book online

One of the simplest yet effective tricks to increase bookings on your service business website is to use a reward system for those who book online. We often see customers do not prefer to book a service through email or phone. They find it frustrating and time-consuming. So, to facilitate such customers, you can announce a reward system for the website visitors who book a service through the website. It will not only help you to globalize your reach but can also provide you a chance to build your online presence much faster.

3. Promote your services through Social Media

Want to get more bookings on your website? Try using Social Media!

In today’s era, more and more people are moving towards social media. As a small business owner, you can avail this opportunity by promoting your website with the power of social networks. Make a Facebook Page of your business and promote your website over it. Promoting through Instagram posts is another way to get more website visitors. Let’s say that you have introduced a new offer for your customers but how they will come to know about it? It is the time to use the platform of Facebook offers so you can share the latest offers and deals with your customers efficiently and with much ease. Plus, including social sharing buttons on your website will make it easy for the existing visitors to share your web content, increasing your online bookings ultimately.

4. Convey value on your website using Social Proof

Do you know more than 85 percent of people book a service after searching for online reviews and personal opinions from friends and family? If you want to get more bookings and want your website to be trusted by potential customers, an easy method that you can adopt this year is to use social proof to convey value on your site. For getting your customers’ reviews about a certain service, you can give them a review form by email so they can give their feedback about a service that they received. Apart from a review form, you can ask your clients to share testimonials as well as success stories. 

Most people like to share videos of their experiences on social platforms. This will also be a great way to share such videos on your website so prospects can get positive reviews. In addition, focus on ability and motivation as these two elements are very important to make customers’ behavior occur. All these techniques may help you to get social proof which you include on your website to get more bookings and engage with guests!

5. Use more compelling content and images

Another essential trick that you can apply to your service business website in 2020 is to use more content as well as images. It is often said that if you create more content on your website, you will get more bookings. It is absolutely true. As a service business owner, if you want to increase online bookings, you need to create more pages on your website that depict crucial information about your business including history, vision, mission and core values. Moreover, you can also create some informative pages as well as that gives much detail about each service that you offer. Another way to create more content is by adding a blog feature on your website. Although creating blogs on several topics relating to your services may take time, it will contribute much to converting the prospects into long-term customers, increasing online bookings ultimately.

In addition, to keep customers coming back to your website again and again and scheduling appointments, it is better to use images. The reason is people remember the content for a long time that includes more visuals. Attractive images may assist the website visitors in their decision to take a service or not. You can create images yourself or you can visit some websites that contain free stock photos. 

Final and Last Thoughts:

The goal of an entrepreneur is to bring in new customers to business as much as possible. As a service business owner, if you want to get new customers looking for a service while you are off doing other things, you need to set up a website and let visitors book through it online. To get more visitors and increase bookings online, first, you need to analyze the performance of your website and then find a suitable booking method. Make use of strong call-to-action buttons and consider what works for you. All the tricks mentioned above may aid you a lot in increasing the number of booking on your service business website. In addition to such tricks, you can also use appointment scheduling software to increase online bookings and grow business ultimately. So, if you are facing an issue of the decrease in your online bookings, it is the best time to implement these five simple techniques in your service business website!


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