8 Best-Kept Secrets to Building a Service Business with Unmatched Loyalty and Repeat Customers

Imagine you have provided such great service that you have managed to keep ALL of your customers FOREVER. Sad to say, that’s just wishful thinking! While it is impossible to retain EVERY customer, it is possible to retain most – surely your best customers!

And this is the point where the tactics for turning the customers into lifelong customers take action. Building strong relationships with customers is very important for the growth and sustainability of a business. If you are a service business owner and want to get a competitive advantage in the market, along with other factors, you need to pay attention to customer loyalty and retention. Those strategies should be made that can assist you in maintaining better and friendly communication with your customers. Moreover, providing great customer service and giving your clients a reason to be loyal may also be very useful in this regard.

Do you know repeat customers spend more than 67 percent than the new customers?

True that! To make your customers take your services again and again, you need to put your focus on customer loyalty determinants. Yes! It is the customer loyalty that has a big role in determining the success of a business, no matter what the size of the business is. If we talk from a financial perspective, it is ten times more expensive to attract new customers than to retain the existing ones. The reason is to get new customers, sales, marketing, and other costs may increase. If you are looking for some real ways by which you can build your small business with customer loyalty and retention, then you are in luck today! Here, in this guide, we are going to discuss 8 best-kept secrets that will surely give you a way to put your business on the path of success. So, do not go anywhere and continue reading!

Secrets to build stronger relationships with customers and increase their loyalty

Let’s discover the best-kept secrets and techniques by which you can build a stronger customer base.

Look for ways to communicate effectively with customers

If you want to build a service business with unmatched loyalty and repeat customers, it is mandatory to look for ways that ensure better communication with your customers. Along with delivering quality service, if you communicate with your clients frequently, your customers will not only remember you but will keep your business fresh in their minds at the time of taking any service. For frequent communication, first, it is better to set up a database of customers containing their important information, for example, name, address, contact information, email, likes and dislikes. You can use various database management software for keeping such information and maintaining databases. This will not only save your time but will allow you to send a monthly newsletter, a friendly reminder, or an update regarding the service. 

Social media is usually considered as the best way of communicating with customers as more and more people are using social media channels these days. You can contact your customers even on a daily basis by the use of social media. All these efforts will allow your service business to keep the core group of customers happy that bring approximately 80 percent of your business. Make high customer loyalty one of your business goals and let your business live long and prosper!

Offer better customer service

It sounds so common but it is true! It is an excellent customer service that can make “WOW” relationships with your customers. First, you need to listen to the concern of your customers and make them satisfy by delivering the service exactly the way they want. Give your customers a phone number or an email address so they can talk to your representative to discuss their concerns. Here, social media also plays a great role as giving a social media account to your customers will make it easy for them to communicate with you. In short, leave no stone unturned to provide excellent customer service. Believe me, all these efforts may assist you in creating unmatched customer loyalty and getting an advantage over your competitor businesses. 

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Discover what your customers’ value the most

To keep the ones who are already doing business with you, find out what they value. Ask them so you can get to know that they prefer the highest quality service by paying more or they are happy with a good deal. Some people do have time but they do not have enough money to get the service. Identify the needs of such customers and make plans to give them the offerings to make them satisfied. For example, most customers prefer to talk to a customer service representative face-to-face but most people like to send emails to discuss their concerns. Make your presence available at every platform. It will not only avoid negative word-of-mouth but surely assist you to build a business with better customer experience and retention!

Set up an attractive reward system

One of the best-kept secrets to building a service business with unmatched customer loyalty is to set up a reward system. Customers are always considered as a significant asset of a business. To keep such precious assets with your business for a long time, it is important to put some extra efforts. To succeed as a service business owner, you need to set up a reward system or give some extra perks for your happy and loyal customers. You can offer them an extra service free of cost or you can go for some special meet-and-greets to make them feel important. These small efforts will not only help loyal customers to stick around with your business but will also attract other customers to reach such a level to enjoy perks.

Exceed your customers’ expectations

To make your customers keep taking services from you, develop a strategy of “under-promise and over-deliver”. It means that you need to exceed the expectations of your customers. Most successful businesses have adopted this strategy to convert their prospects into repeat customers. As a service business owner, you can also implement the rule of under promise and over deliver by promising with your customers that our representative will come to you within 24 hours and he actually reaches with 6 – 7 hours. 

Maintain the trust of your clients

To ensure customer satisfaction and customer retention, you need to earn and maintain the trust of your customers. Identify customers’ expectations, ensure better communication, deliver excellent service and fulfill your promises. 

Remember the value of customization and personalization

According to research, businesses that implement personalization in offering the product or service to their customers get a huge return on investment!

True that! To grow your business and gain in the long run, it is mandatory to start customization and personalization. Make customer behavior and preferences your top priority and enjoy success.

Create a relationship roadmap

When customers take any service from a business, at some point, they want to know how and where their relationship with a particular business is heading. At this time, to create a loyal following of customers, you need to determine a relationship roadmap on a daily basis. Set up new goals and milestones to further satisfy your customer base and to be unique from the rest in the market. Providing some additional services to your customers may further encourage them to take more services from you. 

Final and Last Thoughts:

Customers are always said to be the crucial pillar of a business. To make your service business set apart in the market, it is important to incorporate a customer-focused approach right from the start. Improving customer loyalty and making the customers satisfied who are already doing business with you should be your number one priority if you want to succeed!

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