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What are the Early Adopter Program costs?

As a Early Adopter Participant, you’ll receive 1 year of WorkCEO’s platform COMPLETELY FREE. That’s a SAVINGS of $600 to $3600 depending on the size of your team. Plus, we’ll give you 50% off your second year subscription!

What is required to participate?

PHASE 1 [1 MONTH] – Required
We will kick-off the Early Adopter Program with a 1-Month personalized virtual strategy session for each company. This Includes: 4 Weekly Task Lists to Complete in the WorkCEO App 4 Scheduled End-of-Week Interviews and Questionnaire

What are the benefits?

PHASE 2 [2 YEARS] No Obligation

Quarterly Online Step-by-Step Videos for ADMINS: You will be subscribed to our Early Adopter membership platform and each quarter will receive new resources, giving you and your leadership team a new step to take towards creating a culture of sustainable service excellence. In addition to the video, you’ll have worksheets, tip sheets and other tools to help you take action on what you learned that quarter.

Bite-Sized Customer Service Training for SERVICE TEAM: We’ll also provide you with bite-sized training (short videos and activities) that you can do with your team members to help them improve their customer service. Topics will include: Making WorkCEO First Impressions, Customer Service Language, Dealing with Upset Customers, Surprise and Delight, Owning the Customer, and Getting W*rk Done.

Dedicated Account Manager: Every company that participates will be assigned an implementation specialist who will support you on your journey, troubleshoot challenges, and celebrate your success!

Quarterly Q&A with Malcolm: You’ll have the option of getting on a Zoom call with Malcolm, WorkCEO’s CEO and other participants in the program each quarter to get answers to your most pressing questions.

Five Star Measurement Program: We will also introduce you to our Five Star Measurement program to help you stay on track with implementation, build momentum and see the results you’re achieving. We’ll be celebrating with you every step of the way.

When will WorkCEO Officially Launch?

WorkCEO plans to launch in the next 3-4 months.

What will you do with the Feedback?

Your feedback is invaluable! Once again, we’re going to build this into a game-changing app for smaller service companies like yours! In exchange for the deep discount, we will ask for your feedback through check-ins on a regular basis every three months. We’ll take that feedback to improve the WorkCEO App once it’s officially launched!

Full WorkCEO Software Feature List

▸ Scheduling

▸ Live Map GPS

▸ Estimates

▸ Team Management

▸ Reports

▸ Mobile App

▸ Job Management

▸ Invoicing

▸ Client Manager

▸ Online Payments

▸ Dispatch

▸ Lead Generation

▸ Mobile App

▸ Client Portal

▸ Time Tracking

▸ Task Automation

▸ Expense Tracking

▸ Metrics Dashboard

▸ Jobs Notes & Attachments








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