How Small Businesses Can Turn Facebook and LinkedIn into a Conversion Machine for New Clients

Facebook and LinkedIn can be turned into a conversion machine to get new leads and clients. Let’s investigate how we can utilize this powerful connector and grow your business today.

Both Facebook and LinkedIn are the biggest social media platforms that have millions of members. If we talk about LinkedIn, it is a powerful platform by which you can not only build professional relationships but can drive more traffic to your website or blog in a professional setting. As a small business owner, if you use LinkedIn, you can not only have large access to your target audience but can also accelerate your sales and marketing efforts. On the other hand, according to statistics, Facebook has more than one billion users from all over the world. It is also widely used by businesses to drive traffic.

Want to attract more leads and clients to your service business? Want to use Facebook and LinkedIn when it comes to lead generation? If you are saying YES to these questions, you will be happy to know that this guide explains everything then you need to know about Facebook and LinkedIn as a conversion machine. Let’s take a deep dive into these magical ways and get ready to fill your sales funnel with the best customers.

How to turn LinkedIn into a conversion machine?

Do you know according to more than 60 percent of people, LinkedIn is the most effective social networking platform? True that. By using LinkedIn, you can increase your authority, grow your network, and drive more conversions. Let’s explore how.

Optimize your LinkedIn profile to get more views

The first and foremost step by which you can turn LinkedIn into a conversion machine is to optimize your LinkedIn profile. It is a very crucial step as it can assist you in getting more views and compelling the people that your business is the best option for their needs. For this, you need to create a LinkedIn profile to an advanced level, expert, or all-star level. Fill all the necessary details that can help to make your profile reach this level.

After that, search for the keywords that are relevant to the industry in which you are working. For example, if you are a plumbing business, then include those keywords in your profile that matches with the plumbing industry. For example, water softener installation, plumbing services, residential plumber, bathroom remodeling, leak detection, commercial plumbing, and much more.

Just like the domain name can uniquely identify your website, similarly, a custom URL can identify your LinkedIn profile. For attracting more people to your business, go for a custom profile URL instead of the default one.

Build a network

So now you have created your LinkedIn profile, the next step is to build a network. This step is quite obvious but it plays a big role. As your aim is to get more traffic, so you need to target people with whom you can build connections (network). You can target people who are relevant to your industry or you can target a general audience to create valuable connections.

Another way of building a targeted network is to connect with those who interact with your profile. For example, maintain a connection with people who like or comment on your post or view your LinkedIn profile.

Plus, you can create a group or join existing groups.

Convert your connections to customers by gaining their trust

Want to convert your LinkedIn connections to your customers? Establish relationships with them and gain their trust. In any business, customers are the crucial asset and particularly in small businesses, customers play a huge role in determining success.

To get more leads, publish informative content on a LinkedIn platform relevant to your business. You can publish how-to posts, tutorials, guides, or webinars. And at the end of the content, there should be an appealing call-to-action button so they can connect with you.

Publishing the content is not enough to generate more leads. It is mandatory to maintain communication with your clients using email or other messaging platforms. The best thing is you can message your clients directly through LinkedIn.

All these steps will surely help your business create more value, build better relationships, and get a large customer base.

How to turn Facebook into a conversion machine?

If you want to convert your Facebook followers into paying customers, you can also use Facebook as a conversion machine. Yes, it is right. Although the process of generating leads through Facebook takes time and effort, it is the perfect platform for small businesses to engage with the customers.

Create a Facebook Business Page

First of all, to use Facebook for small business marketing, it is important to create a business page and post about the services that you offer. Like LinkedIn, it is important to complete your business profile such as the name of business, logo, cover photo, brief business description, and a compelling call-to-action button. Use photos, videos, and other visual content into the posts to make them more engaging. In short, try to create value with your Facebook posts.

Post content relevant to your business

Another way by which you can convert prospective customers into long-term customers is to post the content relevant to the nature of your business. Post what your target audience want to read. Update your content and post periodically as people get bored if the same content is published repeatedly.

Through your posts, you can share some advice, tips, guides, eBooks or you can even share the post of other related websites.

To keep a conversation on-going, you can create a survey, a poll, or ask a question. You can also answer the questions of your clients by creating a post.

All these efforts may aid you in building strong relationships with your online clients.

Increase your followers

These days, most of the business sales come from social media platforms and the same goes for Facebook. If you increase your Facebook followers, you can get more traffic to your small business website and get more return on investment (ROI) ultimately.

The best way to increase followers is to write the content that you think your target audience will enjoy reading it.

Make your followers feel special and important

Want to grow your customer’s list? Make your Facebook followers feel special by offering discounts, giveaways, and creating contests. You can also offer your customers a chance to get free service from you if they like, comment or share a certain photo. It can also be done by asking them to use specific hashtags in the comment section.

Paid Facebook ads

Another option to use Facebook as a conversion machine is paid ads. Facebook offers paid placement of ads that will target a specific audience. The ad will appear in the newsfeed of the audience. To start an advertisement, first, you need to define your objective, select your target audience, set your budget, and choose a format and get ready to manage your ad.

Final and Last Thoughts:

If you want to share your content with a large pool of audience, the best way is to use social media. Now, social media platforms are not only used for social sharing and to communicate with one another, but they are widely used by businesses for effective lead generation. We often see most people make a profile on LinkedIn and then disappear. If you want to get new clients, you must use LinkedIn as a conversion machine and determine its business-oriented nature. Plus, Facebook can also be used to promote your business. All you need to do is create a Facebook business page, post engaging content, and run paid advertisements.

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