The Research behind Writing Compelling Service Proposals for Commercial Clients – What Really Works

Want to wow your commercial clients with your business proposals? We are here with a guide that will cover the research behind writing compelling service proposals for commercial clients.

So, you have started a small business and want to build up a customer base. You want to reach your prospective customers and do not know how to bridge the gap between you and your potential customers. The good news is, here is a solution by which you can seek new clients for your service business and that is a Business Proposal. A business proposal is a document that may assist you to persuade someone to do business with you. In other words, it can bridge a gap between you and your prospective clients.

Business proposals play an important role in the success of a business. It outlines what you can do for your clients and why you are better than your competitors in providing the services. To get a YES from your prospective clients, it is crucial to write professional yet compelling service proposals.

To get the clients’ attention and to convince them to consider you, you need to indicate in the proposal that how you can solve their problems. For this, first, you need to understand their problems. After that, provide the solution and provide administrative details. In today’s guide, we will show you how you can write an effective and compelling service business proposal that may win clients’ trust.

Preparation Phase

The preparation phase is an important phase of writing a winning service proposal. In this phase, you need to determine who your target audience is and what their main concerns are. Plus, you need to make clear why you are the best choice for your clients.

Understand your Audience

The first step in the preparation phase is to understand your target audience. You must identify what the reader of the document wants from your business. You need to understand your clients’ concerns and then determine which solution may become the best fit for their needs.

Never write a general proposal. Address your audience issues and write proposal specific to their needs. It is not the client’s task to interpret how your services may benefit him, it is, in fact, your task!

Focus on “Why”

After understanding your client’s concerns and issues, you need to focus on “Why”. You need to consider why your client chooses you. How your proposed solution may benefit the client in the long run? How you can solve their problems uniquely? This step is very important write an effective service business proposal.

Review your competitors

Reviewing your competitor’s work is crucial to writing a clear and winning proposal for commercial clients. You need to determine what your competitors are offering, their strategies, and the pricing options. You need to consider how you can provide the best proposal so your client may choose you to do business rather than your competitors.

Writing Phase

So far, you have identified your client’s needs and reviewed your competitors. Now it is time to start writing a compelling business proposal.

Include a Title Page

The first and foremost step in writing a business proposal is to start with a title page. Mention your name, your business name, and the name of your client. Also, mention the date of submitting the proposal.

Add Table of Contents

Include a section of the table of contents so your client can get to know what you have covered in the business proposal. For the electronic proposal, always try to add a clickable table of contents so your client can easily go to the section that he/she wants.

Include a Summary at the End

Now, it is time to implement your consideration of “Why” from the preparation phase. In the summary section, you must write how and why your solution is the best for the client and why he should choose you to solve a particular problem.

Be Sure to Address the Client’s Problem or Need

After writing a summary, you need to write a summary of the problem your client is facing. It gives your clients an opportunity that you clearly understand their problems.

Give a customized solution

The next step is to propose a solution to the client’s needs. This is the area where you have to offer your service as per client needs. Mention details of the solution like which methods you will use and the deadline etc. Clearly define them and never over or under promise your deliverables.

In this section, you can also share your qualifications and mention why your client should trust you. You can also share your clients’ success stories to increase your authority.

Mention the pricing options

The next major step in drafting a spectacular and competitive proposal is to mention the pricing options. Like defining your deliverables, never over or underprice your service. You can mention a fixed price or include several options according to the requirements of your customer.

It is one of the crucial parts of a service proposal. Many clients skip through the document and read the pricing options first. So, they should be clear, accurate as well as competitive.

It is always better to divide the total cost into small portions as to some people the total price is normal while it will be shocking to others. If it is divided into smaller items, your client can get to know your solution and your value.

Include the terms and conditions

The next step is to clarify the necessary terms and conditions. It includes the overall project timeline along with the selected budget and payment schedules.

Add a signature box

The last step in the writing phase is to add a signature box for the client to let him know what terms and conditions he is agreeing to.

Design and Graphics

As you have completed the writing phase, it is time to focus on the design and graphics. To create a coherent and compelling service proposal, use good designs and templates. If there is a graphic designer in your company, you can take his services in this regard.

To make your proposal easy to understand for your clients, use readable fonts, and whitespaces. Plus, use data tables or charts that are easy to visualize. Use appropriate templates but make sure to proofread the document before sending it to the client.

Be Professional in Your Writing Style

The last step behind writing an effective service business proposal is to choose a suitable writing style that can educate, inform, and persuade your clients to take your services. It is better to use a business writing style as it depicts a formal tone.

In addition, be realistic and use positive words in your proposal so the client can be motivated. In fact, clients like successful and positive projects so it is better that your proposal is depicting positivity.

Plus, use an active voice and a professional tone.

Final and Last Thoughts:

So, these are the essential techniques that can assist you to write a compelling service proposal for commercial clients. It is an opportunity to show your skills and what you can do for the client to solve their problem. No matter you are selling a product or offering a service, the steps to writing a compelling business proposal are the same. First, you need to address the clients’ needs and challenges. After that, propose a solution, state the prices, and clarify your terms and conditions. Use effective designs, graphic elements, and choose a business writing style to depict a professional tone. If you follow all these steps, your proposal will become key to your business success.

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